Monday, 31 August 2015


       Hey everyone!
      This week was good! I got to go back to Rose Park on Saturday for a baptism! It was great, one of our investigators there got baptized and I had the privilege to baptize her! Her name is Maria Zabala and she was really prepared by the Lord when Elder Jimenez and I found her! It was a great blessing to teach her and help her come closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. Picture is attached to the email from the baptism. 
       One picture is with the Elders that taught her, the other is with the members of the ward that attended the baptism. It was a great experience. We also had a baptism in my new ward for a kid but the baptisms were at the exact same time so I chose to go to the one in Rose Park because Maria asked me to baptize her. 
           My mission has been great! The Lord has provided people for me to find and teach in every area I've been in so far, it's been wonderful!
           The new are I'm in is the Cannon 6th Branch in the Cannon Stake here in Glendale. It's a pretty tough area, lots of really good missionaries have served here and the branch has not had a lot of converts in the last few years. The area is tough, but so far every area I've gone to has been tough and that has helped me rely on God more. When the situation is hard we can find souls who are patiently waiting for us if we allow God's hand to influence the area. All of my areas have been tough, but I think this one will be the toughest one yet. This makes me very excited, because I know that if I continue to work hard and show my diligence to the Lord, he will bring miracles. It is times like now when we have the opportunity to grow more spiritually because the challenges that lie ahead are greater, that's why I'm so excited to serve in this area. 
          Yesterday we were at a ward party and this lady asked Elder Martinez and I if we would finally break the curse of no baptisms in the area hahahaha, we told her of course we will! 
           I read something interesting in my personal study yesterday before church, it's from Helaman 14 when Samuel the Lamanite is prophesying of Christ's birth and the signs that will come with his birth and with his death. Verse 13 states:
13 And if ye believe on his name ye will repent of all your sins, that thereby ye may have a remission of them through his merits.
            I know that true faith brings us to repentance. In my opinion, if we are not constantly repenting and trying to become better then we don't have true faith. We can develop our faith in Jesus Christ through prayer, scripture study, and attending church. If we doe those things our faith will grow and we will have the desire to repent and become more like our Savior.
          Yeah I saw the Brewertons! It was a nice little visit! They told me how he is doing, he now works in the mission office in his mission and he is in charge of all the finances! Busy job.

          Yeah Colton Steed was a great example for me, I'm happy to hear that he's doing good. I heard he had a good homecoming. He was nervous to go home because he was so used to the mission life but it sounds like he is adjusting good!
           Football season is starting soon and you all know who I'm cheering for, #GOHAWKS! Hahaha My super bowl prediction this year is Seahawks over Colts. The only other teams I think can win/make the Super Bowl are the Packers, Eagles, Patriots, Ravens and Panthers. That's what I think going into the season, Broncos and 49ers fans are going to have a rough year!

            Hope you have a good week!
                                  Elder Strate

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