Monday, 3 August 2015

Visit from back home and hiking!

     Hey everyone!
     We had a decent week, it was full of knocking on empty houses! Haha it seemed like nobody was home this week, it was hard but we are still doing good! We got to go on a hike with the Elders Quorum on Saturday! That was pretty cool! I got a taste of what my parents were doing all week! It was pretty nice, the view was gorgeous up top. I'll attach some pictures of it to this email. Down through that canyon is Salt Lake City, it was beautiful.

     We found some new investigators which is great.
      I heard the Blue Jays made some crazy good trades! That means it's going to be a Jays vs. Cardinals World Series right? My 2 favorite teams could make the World Series this year? That's so awesome! And of course it is a likely possibility one of the years I'm on my mission... lol haha well we'll see what happens!
      I love this work! The other day I was reading in the Ensign. I read an article from Boyd K. Packer the other day, it talked about Jesus Christ and his Atonement for us. He explained how Christ was perfectly obedient, and how we compare to Jesus Christ. One interesting thing he noted was that Christ never had sin, or transgression, but he still had weakness. That's why he can relate to us always, because he had weakness and he understands how we can overcome temptation and conquer our weaknesses, just like he did. It was a good article, I think it was from the June Ensign for this year. Look it up!
      I had a great visit with Todd and Shauna Jones from back home. Lunch with the Jones was awesome! I loved being able to see some friends from back home, it was a wonderful experience. They said I don't look fat so that's a good sign! Haha. The Lion House Cafe was delicious, I loved the food but it was also really cool because that trip was my companions first time at temple square! He loved it too! Family and friends are such a blessing and I'm so grateful for all the support I have back home.
     We also had Zone Conferences last week and it went very well! President Spendlove is such an amazing teacher, we focused on how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can permanently change us, and help us become more consecrated servants for the Lord Jesus Christ. 
      I love you all and thanks for everything!
            Elder Strate

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