Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sister's Baptism

       Derek and Dawson both sent messages home to be read for Bree's baptism on August 15, 2015. They were both well received and added so much to the service.

     We had cut outs made of the boys and they looked great! Bree ran over and hugged them when she saw them.

     I'm so happy you have made the decision to be baptized! Baptism is such a special blessing, and you're so lucky that you have the privilege to be baptized a member of Jesus Christ's church. I have the privilege of sharing this blessing with people everyday out here in the mission field. It's an amazing experience for me when one of the people we are teaching makes the decision to be baptized, the same decision you have made. Baptism is the first of the saving ordinances for Salvation, and we need it to make a promise with God. When we are baptized we promise to keep God's commandments, and to be his disciple in all places! Bree, that basically means if you're going to get baptize you need to try your hardest to be an extra good girl! 😁 Haha! 
      I love the mission! At times it is tough, but when I rely on the Savior I can make life a lot easier for me. That's another door that is going to be opened to you at baptism, you will be cleansed of sin through the power of the Holy Ghost. That means you will be able to feel good when you apologize to people and when you do the right things.  After you receive the Gift of the Holt Ghost you will able to have the Holy Ghost with you after you take the sacrament, as long as you continue to try and be a good person! 
     I love you Bree, I'm so happy that you have chosen to be baptized. I wish I could be there, but right now the Lord has another assignment for me. I have left our family for 2 years, because I want to help other families become eternal. Always remember that Bree, because you are being baptized you are starting your path towards the temple, which is where we were made brother and sister for eternity.
     Elder Derek Strate

       Bree - Why is the holy ghost so important? There are many reasons. I think one of the most important ones is that he teaches us and helps us to remember the things that we have learned. As states in John 14:26-27 , he helps us to do these things. He testifies to us the truthfulness of the Gospel. Especially when someone is looking to receive an answer to know if the Church is true.   
      When you are learning about Jesus Christ and doing the things that he has commanded us, we will feel the influence of the Holy Ghost. Now, why is this good to know? Because now, you will have the Holy Ghost with you ALWAYS. If you obey and do whats right, he will guide you and help you in all aspects of your life. So you can continue strengthening your testimony ever day. How can we recognize the Holy Ghost? Galations 5:22-23 says that through thoughts and feelings we will recognize his influence. Love, peace, joy, happiness and many other feeling are the fruits of the holy ghost. I bear witness that the Holy ghost is real. And that its necessary for us to have his help in our lives. In this fallen world, we need all the help we can get to be able to return to the presence of our father in heaven. And he wants us to return! That is why he has sent us this wonderful opportunity to obtain the gift of the holy ghost
       Its truly amazing!! Have a great Day Bree, I love you soooooo much and hope you can feel the savior's love. And mine too!! 

            Elder Dawson Strate

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