Monday, 7 September 2015

Wedding Bells

     Hi everyone,

     We had a wedding this week! It was awesome, we have been working with the Martinez family and on Saturday they were married. They have 4 little kids and have been together for a few years, but we needed to help them get married before they can be baptized so we had a wedding with the ward on Saturday and it was great! Pictures bellow! I got to be a witness at the wedding too!

     This upcoming Saturday the parents, Juan and Beatrice, will be getting baptized! It's awesome! I think the curse in this area will finally be broke on Saturday, and we have been working with some other awesome families so we will see if we can get some other people on date for baptism!
      My new companion and I are getting along great! He's really cool and we work well together, it's been fun so far! This area is starting to grow and it's been such a huge blessing to watch the atmosphere in the Branch change, even in just the small time I've been here. We got a new Ward Mission Leader too and he's very focused to help us in every way possible, the Lord just continues to bless us!
      I love this work. I and I can't wait to see what this week holds, I know the Lord is always looking to provide us with miracles. I read Mormon 9 this morning and it was awesome! I have seen countless miracles on my mission and it's because God is a God of happiness and miracles. In Mormon Chapter 9, we are specifically promised miracles if we live the gospel and have undoubting faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know God lives and that he loves us. Christ is waiting
for everyone with open arms, we just need to bring ourselves closer to him through diligent prayer, scripture study, and church attendance.
      My companion and I got take up to a restaurant called The Roof by some members in our ward, this was our view of the Salt Lake Temple from this Restaurant! This is my companion,Elder Martinez!
   Have a great week, I know I had one and I can't wait to see what this week holds!
         Elder Strate

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