Monday, 21 September 2015

Ward Picnic

     Hey Everyone!
      This week was good, we didn't have a lot of stuff happen but it was still good! We have Angela still on date for baptism this Saturday and she seems really solid so we will keep working with her to help her prepare! We had some awesome activities this week with the branch! We had a picnic on Saturday and one of my old companions, Elder Firpo, came over to say hi! He lives in Layton and is now going to school at LDS Business College. He really likes it and is having a blast! It was awesome to see him again! We have some great people we're working with and hopefully they will be on date for baptism by the end of this week!

      I had an interest thought come to me during personal study and learning at church yesterday more about pride. Pride is one of the worst things we can possibly have in this life, it makes us fall very
quickly. Lucifer in the pre mortal life fell because he had pride, he compared himself to God and thought he was better than him, and that's why he fell and became Satan. We must avoid pride, and the ultimate antidote for pride is humility. We can gain humility from what it says in Mosiah 3:19, pride is a desire of the natural man so if we can learn how to remove the natural man within us, we will become better disciples of Jesus Christ.
        I love my mission, it's the best!
              Elder Strate

                                                      This picture makes no sense.


  1. Picture: Small town on a budget? A taxi driver making a living while also serving as a police officer. Makes sense to me! lol........wonder what happens when you are in the middle of driving a customer home and you get an emergency call......

  2. very true, I thought maybe as a drunk tank car for late at night!