Monday, 2 March 2015

Update - new mission president

Hi everyone,
     Yes another week always seems to go by, and I mean very quickly. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. That's a very common missionary phrase that lot's of missionaries around here use.
    No mom, I have not received the package yet, but I should get it this week then!
    My health has been really good. I got a new workout program you might have heard of it, it's called T-25 and Sean T does it, he used to be an Olympic sprinter for team USA, and it's a very hard workout program. It's been pushing my limits, and I do it every morning. Look it up on youtube and see what it's like, I can promise you that it kicks my butt every morning haha. It's like perfect for missionaries too because it's just 25 minutes of non-stop workout, so every morning is good. I love working out, even though during the time while I work out I might feel like crap and feel really tired, seeing the results and being healthy just makes you feel better physically and morally. I'm done with fast food and candy, I've been eating way healthier now. I've been eating lots of fruits, eggs, spinach (Not even kidding, it tastes awful but it's worth it), and lean meats like tuna and chicken. Oh and of course the ridiculously unhealthy Hispanic food we get everyday for dinner appointments, it doesn't help  haha.
     But I'm doing really good. I can dunk about 1 out of every 2 or 3 tries now, I'm getting a lot better and healthier. The knee is doing good, feels normal about 98% of the time. I'll have the random time I'll feel a bit of pain, but right now it's not a huge issue.
     This week was very good. We found like 15 new investigators this week, YES!!!!!!!!!!! The area is still booming, and I will not let it stop. We will work hard and continually bring others unto Christ! This work never stops, and we must push forward. Transfers are next Tuesday, March 10th and I'm pretty sure that I will be transferred. I WILL NOT LEAVE THIS AREA WITHOUT HAVING AT LEAST 5 PEOPLE ON DATE FOR BAPTISM. That's right, you heard me. I have a week to put 5 people on date, and we will do it. I know we will and I know we can. The Lord will bless us, I have faith that he will!  I'm pretty sure I'm going to get transferred. You never know, but I have a feeling I'll be leaving Bountiful. I have 15 baptisms and my mission now and as far as I'm aware, they are all still progressing and active in the church.
     Some of our recent converts from the last few months have temple recommends now, so this week we are going to go to the temple with them! I'm so excited, and we have members coming too! It's going to be an amazing sacred experience for them, I'm so grateful for temples and the miracles that happen within them!
     This week was President Hansen's last week, he was officially released on Friday and our new Mission President, President Spendlove, was set apart on Saturday. I have not met him yet, but we have heard many good things about him. We also have zone meeting this upcoming Thursday and he is supposed to be there to meet everyone, I'm so excited it's going to be incredible!
     I love President Hansen and his family so much, I can't express how much he has taught me and how his example has influenced my life forever. He is an incredible man, and he has a great road ahead of him for the rest of his life. He has an amazing family and a whole legion of missionaries supporting him and his eternal wife. President Hansen told me to thank you and Mom for your love and support and prayers on his behalf. He said he could feel them and he is grateful for being great parents for me.
Elder Strate
1st Picture is my last time seeing President Hansen, at least for now.
2nd Picture is a sticker I saw on a car, the doctrine this sticker teaches is so true! #fightthenewdrug

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