Monday, 16 March 2015

My dad's first area

Hey everyone!
     Well I'm covering the Pioneer Stake, which is where my dad served back in 1992. Cool eh?
     This week was pretty good! Elder Barfuss and I are having a blast with each other, the area is decent. Things have been going kind of slow, but we are going to turn that around fast. I think the key in this area is just getting the members more involved, we have investigators and less actives to teach, but if we could get more members there with us then we could have more witnesses and testimonies. Plus lot's of Hispanics are converts to the church, like the first generation converts so lot's of them have amazing conversion stories. We are going to rock this area.
     Oh yeah one last thing. My first day with Elder Barfuss he got bit by a Dog, just a little one. But it was so funny, the little Dog ripped his pants just slightly but it was hilarious, the Dog came to bite me afterwards but I kicked it and it flew a few feet, and then ran away. It was pretty funny haha
     In other news today is exactly my 7 month mark as a missionary! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by, wow! The weather down here is really nice, like it's 20+ everyday right now. Time to get my tan on haha!
     Love all of you and good luck with whatever things you might be doing back home!
     Elder Strate
1st two pictures is me snow blowing our driveway in Bountiful last week! It was a crazy blizzard and we lived up in the mountains so that made it even worse.
3rd picture is me with the Gonzalez family. They are the Gospel Principle teachers and have helped us with tons of investigators in Bountiful. 

1st is with the Guevara family, we baptized them in February.
2nd is with the members I lived with in Bountiful. They are the Williams and they were grateful for my example to them, that's what they told me. Sister Williams was like, wow you have lived here a long time haha. They told me we will see each other again in the eternities haha

 Last picture is our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What an example he is for all of us.

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