Saturday, 14 March 2015


  So I (Ron) am giving my HC talk tomorrow on the covenants we make at baptism. I was impressed to contact Nicole, whom Derek had baptized on Valentine's Day. He and Elder Osbourne went to the temple with her to do baptisms earlier this month. I asked if she would share her experience, here it is.

     "My experience going to the temple for the first time was amazing that words aren't enough. From the moment that I walked in I got this amazing feeling like I was so safe and warm. I felt like I belong inside the temple. When I walked into the room where the baptisms are performed I got an even more amazing feeling and i know for a fact that it was the spirit that I felt so strong. There was a long line to wait for but as I got closer and closer to the front of the line I felt it even more that even Elder Osborne looked at me from across and with gestures asked me if I felt it? (Meaning the spirit) and I did! I felt like crying at some points too haha you can ask Elder Strate... I get a bit emotional when I feel so happy about something. And then finally when it was my turn to get into the water and I was a bit nervous but the feeling of the spirit was still there. I knew that I was doing something amazing for those woman that I got baptized on behalf for. Just like Elder Strate & Osborne tell me "it's like they're there and could feel their presence and feel their joy & happiness from being baptized!". When we were done with the baptisms, one of the sisters that work in the temple pulled me aside and started crying because she told me that she has not felt the spirit so strong in there before and she had that feeling while I was getting baptized on behalf of those woman. That made me feel even better about being there that I returned 2 days later to do some more baptisms for the dead. I love being there and now one of my next goals is to not just have the limited access pass but to be able to enter the rest of the temple. Elder Osborne & Strate told me to wrap my arms around the temple and you bet I'm going to do that"

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