Monday, 23 March 2015

Thanks for the love

     Hey everyone!
     I do not have a lot to report on this week, but first off congratulations to Bryce and Cindy for the birth of their baby! Razbee Helen Strate sounds like a good name to me, I can accept that for sure. Her birthday is pretty close to mine too, not Dawson's, just mine haha.
     I had a good birthday last Wednesday, and thank you for all the letters this week! I got 27 emails this week and I got some nice cards in the mail too. I'm so impressed by the amazing support I have back home from family and friends constantly, thank you so much!
     Our area is getting better everyday, which is a good sign! We have a few progressing investigators so the next step is putting them on date for baptism and helping them resolve their concerns.
     Hey dad we play ball at Harold B. Lee building too, that's really cool that you did. Deseret industries is really close to use too, we are close to there and Harold B. Lee hall. Our stake President is President Mabey, he said he was a bishop of one of the wards in the stake when you were serving. Small world eh?
     I love it here and I'm so excited for General Conference in a few weeks! In this mission we are blessed with so many tools that other missions don't have, such as conference and temple square. We have the amazing opportunity to take investigators to conference. I've been using this tool so much with finding lately. The approach is really easy to walk up to someone and be like, hey we have a living prophet just like the prophets from the Bible and BOM and he is speaking in a conference on April 4th and 5th, would you be interested in listening? People are very receptive during this time of year around here, I can feel the special spirit that comes with conference here in Utah.
     Thanks everyone for the love and support! I got to eat some pie and ice cream on my birthday courtesy of Elder Barfuss, so I had a good birthday!
     Elder Strate

     Card from Grandma French, Bryce and Cindy and the pie and ice cream I ate the evening of my birthday!

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