Monday, 9 March 2015


     I'm getting transferred tomorrow, I'm going to the Canon Zone and my companion is Elder Barfuss! Yep that's right, I'm fricken pumped it's going to be amazing! Yep the same one that is from Calgary, Alberta. I'm so excited, it's going to be amazing! I can't wait to serve and double the Canadian power in the Buena Vista area!
     I love Bountiful, I love our ward the Parkway 1st Ward. The last few days have been hard because I have been saying bye to the members and recent converts that I have learned to love during my time here. Needless to say, I've been saying bye to lot's of people. There are so many people in this area that I love, and it's been really hard saying goodbye. They have added me on facebook but you know that it will be a while before I can accept those friend requests.
     This area is still on fire, we have some people on date so I should be coming back to this area in a few weeks for some baptisms. All of my companions have been incredible and I'm so blessed to be here and serving the Lord!
     Thanks for all the love and support, Elder Barfuss and I will kill this area, I can feel it. LOVE IT!!!! HAHA it's going to be cool, the last few days have been tough saying bye to members and stuff, but it's part of the mission life. I'll send the weekly letter and be prepared for lots of pictures.

     Nicole Mateos (A recent convert) bought me a really nice Seahawks jacket, like I mean really nice. I don't know why haha but I'm super grateful for it!

     Job Allred is one of our Ward Missionaries, and he came out and helped us a ton. He served his mission in Guatemala and he's super funny.
     With the Guadarrama's. They were my first 4 baptisms in this area, Memo wasn't there last night so I missed him but their family is super nice and I will come back to this area in 1 year to go to the temple with them.

     With Elder Ward. He plays soccer for BYU and he was a visa waiter waiting to go to Taiwan. He got his visa last week, he's a really good friend of mine. He said he'll come watch me play ball in university. He's from Michigan and he told me he's actually pretty good friends with Nik Stauskas, the NBA player from Canada that played university for Michigan and is currently with the Sacramento Kings.
     The Elggren family, they are an amazing family. They were like an extension of my family from home, they made me feel welcome and I truly experienced their love. They were my first dinner appointment in this area too! Brother Elggren served his mission in Venezuela and his wife is from Mexico City!

     Brother Jeff Wilson. He is originally from Logan area here in Utah. He was also a Ward Missionary and I love him. He served in San Fransisco Spanish Speaking and he could relate to me really well in terms of speaking a foreign language in a English dominant mission. He married a Peruvian and now they are expecting their first child in a few months!
     Dale Parsons, he is also a return missionary. He served in Columbus, Ohio mission Spanish Speaking. He came out with us all the time and was a great example for me. He came with us last week when we went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with some recent converts. It was an amazing experience.

     Yeah you are going to get some friend requests from people on Facebook. Johan is one of the guys I baptized. I'm getting transferred so yesterday I went and visited my recent converts and members I've gotten close too. Some of the names of them are: Guadarrama family (Johan and Guillermo or Memo), Ethia Elggren and David Elggren and their family. Nicole Mateos, Juan Juarez, any of the people I've baptized might send you one, they have also been sending me some too but I obviously can't accept them right now haha. There are also others that have been adding me. The Belmares family, Marquez family, Jeff Wilson, Saavedra family, Job Allred, lot's of different people have been adding me on facebook. The Salas family is another. Just ask them when they add you and they will let you know. Last night I was at the Elggren's house and you were messaging their Mom and I was sitting right there! Haha it was so funny, I started to miss you a bit more when I heard the vibration and Sister Elggren was like, "Hey it's Elder Strate's Dad! Haha it was cool. But yeah just watch for some friend requests, all of them are amazing people.
     I am getting more pictures today with more members and others I have met in this area that I love. I will send them next week, there are a ton of people I want to get pictures with so today is going to be a crazy P-Day!
Elder Strate

Sounds like you guys have a fun Summer planned ahead of you, that's great! Love it! Haha

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