Monday, 30 March 2015


     Hey everyone!
     I'm doing really good here in the "Great Utah Salt Lake City Mission!" I'm having a good time here with Elder Barfuss! We have been working hard and now we have a few people on date for baptism this April! It's going to be a good month!
     The other day when we were walking home in the rain, we were walking through an apartment complex and a guy yelled from the top of a flight of stairs, "Hermanos!" We turned and looked up, and it was a Spanish guy. He told us to come upstairs and get dry. We gladly accepted and ran up the stairs and entered into his apartment. When we got up there he gave us juice and stuff, and then we started talking to him about the gospel. We figured he was just a Spanish guy who went to an English ward here and that's why he yelled at us to come upstairs, but we found out during our conversations that he was not a member. His wife isn't a member either, but they have both been exposed to the church a lot and they really like the doctrines and teachings of our church!
     I was just like, "Wow, thank you for this miracle!" It was amazing. The other day I went on exchanges with a Polynesian Elder and he doesn't know Spanish. I kind of know Spanish haha, but we had an appointment with him that night. We went and taught the guy the Plan of Salvation (All in Spanish because he doesn't speak very much English) and invited him to be baptized. He said yes and he told us he would tell his wife all about our visit together. He said he felt really good during the lesson and he wants more! Haha thanks to the Holy Ghost, we have a new investigator on date! I'm so grateful for all the miracles I have witnessed on my mission so far.
     Conference is coming up and I would like to encourage all of you to pay close attention to our beloved Prophet and Apostles as they speak. Watch for the Resurrection of our Savior and the Atonement as key factors in Conference. I feel like those topics will be addressed a lot during this East season. The resurrection is so key because it gives us the opportunity to be resurrected too just like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
     Elder Strate
     #Canadian Pride

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