Monday, 23 February 2015

Tie burning

Hey everyone!
     This week was a little boring honestly, it was a tough week. We have been focusing on finding a lot lately because all the people we were teaching before have either been baptised, reactivated, or dropped. We are still teaching the recent converts at least once a week but we need to find more investigators! 
     We found some new ones last week but lots of them cancelled their appointments, so last week was very frustrating. We did find 3 new investigators that seem pretty solid though, they are from Colombia. They are the Familia Jaramillo. They have lot's of questions about our church and our beliefs, but the dad simply stated this: "We originally moved to Utah because it is much cheaper to live here than it is to live in California, but maybe it's for this church and this gospel. Maybe God sent us here to accept your message. If Jesus Christ wants us to do this, then we will do it no questions asked."
     Elder Osborne and I were like, THEY NEED TO PRAY AND READ THE BOOK OF MORMON RIGHT NOW!!!!! Haha they are really solid. We know that if they do their commitments and just do the things that we tell them, they will accept our message. They will feel the spirit and come unto Christ.
     In other news, last week was my 6 month mark and as a result I burned a tie! It's a ritual here to burn a tie when you have been a missionary for 6 months, so I have pictures attached of this happening.
     Love you all and thanks for all the support! I can feel your prayers and I can feel the love that the Lord has for me.
Elder Strate

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