Monday, 1 June 2015


Hey Everyone!
     Transfers are tomorrow and I am staying here with Elder Strother as a Zone Leader! I'm so excited to continue serving in this area, especially since we put 3 people on date for baptism this week! It was a great week. It was such a testimony builder for me because the week started off really slow, like it was hard. We continued working hard, showed our diligence to the Lord, and it paid off in the end. I continue to have miracles on my mission through the principle of diligence and patience, it's been amazing!
     The mission is going to be changing a lot too! Due to the creation of the Logan Utah Mission and the division in the Provo Utah Mission (to the Orem Mission), our boundaries are going to change for sure. We aren't sure exactly how yet, but we are pretty sure that Toelle and Layton will probably not be in our mission anymore. That's not doctrine yet, but that's our best guess. So the mission will be changing a lot really soon! It's all going to happen on July 1st, so be prepared to look at that day to see our new boundaries!
      We are starting to use our I-Pads now not just as a finding and teaching tool with videos and easier access to, but we are also using them now as our Area Books and Planners. We still have paper planners for this transfer, but starting next transfer those will be gone! We will have our whole Area Book and Daily Plans on an app created by the church on our I-Pads. How cool is that? I'm so excited to hasten the work with this marvelous tool that the Lord has given our mission!
     Cavaliers in 6 in the finals, LeBron is just on a way to high level for the Warriors to be able to stop the Cavs. Kyrie can guard Curry, JR can guard Thompson, LeBron could guard either of them too if they need him too. The Warriors literally have no matchup for him, he's going to destroy them.
        Pictures below are with our zone and with a missionary from Yakima, Washington. His name is Elder Johnston, a convert to the church and the only member in his family! We've become really good friends here in Rose Park.

             Love you guys and take care!
                     Elder Strate

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