Monday, 22 June 2015

Daniela Garcia Baptism

     Hey everyone!
     This week was awesome! We had a baptism on Saturday, Daniela Garcia got baptized! I got to baptize her too! It was amazing, the baptismal service was awesome. 
     Our ward went down to Manti for a temple pageant this last weekend but we couldn't go because it's outside of our mission boundaries, but they all talked about it a lot. With a baptism and that activity all in the same weekend, the Ward was in a pretty good mood on Sunday and I feel like they are going to keep helping us out with the work in this area. The work is so much easier when members are willing to help, I have a very strong testimony of that.
     We found some more people to work with too! They all seem pretty cool! We are trying to put someone on date for baptism on July 11th because that will be Elder Strother's last weekend in the mission field! Yes my companion is dying!!! Haha it's a weird feeling to know that no matter what happens I will get a new companion next transfer. Haha it's been awesome serving with him though, he's such a cool guy. He's going to BYU this upcoming fall semester so he said he will come visit me sometimes! Haha
     It's starting to get really hot around here! Yesterday it hit 103 F (Around 40 C). It was stinking hot, but don't worry Mom I was wearing sunscreen! Haha. It usually hasn't been that hot, but consistently it's about 80 F (Around 26 C) here. But it's been good! That means I can get my tan game on haha, I'll be nice and tan here while my family turns red on their road trip down to Cali!
     Have a great week! I know that Jesus Christ lives! It's that simple, because he loves us he died and was resurrected for us! That simple fact gives me comfort everyday when I am struggling!
     Elder Strate

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