Monday, 29 June 2015

Dart Guns

Hey everyone!
    We had another good week! It terms of seeing results it was decent, but we found some awesome new people that I think have a lot of potential. This week we are focusing on getting people to church, because if we can get them in that special atmosphere that Sacrament Meeting presents, then I feel like they will feel the spirit with greater power. I am so excited for this week, once we get people to church they are more likely to be on date for baptism, it's that simple. I love this work and I love serving the Lord.
     I live in a house with 6 missionaries, as you can imagine it's pretty fun sometimes. The other day before bed we were have some dart gun wars. One missionary, Elder Rogers, was trying to shoot Elder Strother. He missed so Elder Strother shot back, and hit him right in the glasses! Picture attached below, it was so funny! 
     Haha we were laughing about it for like 10 minutes hahaha. We are missionaries but we still know how to have fun haha. 
     The week was awesome and transfers are coming up in about 2 weeks, freak it's so crazy how fast time flies by. I still love being a Zone Leader, it's a great opportunity for me to serve others. It's been such a blessing to serve in this area and as a Zone Leader.
     I love this work because we get the chance to see the Atonement change people. I want all of you to check out this talk by President Uchtdorf.
      It specifically talks about how the Grace of Jesus Christ can change us, and bring us comfort. IT helps me everyday, especially on the days that seem a little harder.
       Sounds like a great adventure my family is on. They stopped at Temple Square on Saturday. I know those temple square sisters! Not even kidding! They helped us teach Daniela Garcia who got baptized on June 20th
     They also drove to my first mission presidents house - President Hansen - in St. George and visited with him. 
         Elder Strate

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