Monday, 8 June 2015

Mission Boundaries Change

     Derek is still in his same mission, but some changed.
     From President Spendlove- "Well after much speculation and many "wards and rumors of wards" I can now confirm that on July 1st our mission (along with many others here in Utah) will be realigned. We'll say goodbye to 50 of our dear missionaries serving in the Layton and Tooele zones and welcome 22 missionaries coming from the Utah Salt Lake City East mission. That will take us from 170 missionaries to 142 and we'll go from covering 69 stakes and the Wendover district to covering 55 stakes.
      The 22 missionaries in the Tooele zone will be part of the Utah Salt Lake City West mission; the 28 missionaries in the Layton zone will be part of the Utah Ogden mission. We'll miss these wonderful missionaries and look forward to welcoming our new missionaries."

 Hi everyone,
      Saturday was President Spendlove's birthday, as a result we got a few missionaries together and surprised him with some cake and a song at the mission office! Picture is attached below, it was so awesome. He's such a great guy, he is leading this mission exactly how the Lord wants it to be lead. I love him and Sister Spendlove, they are so legit.
     Elder Strother and I had another great week! We have been working hard with our investigators and we currently have 3 people getting baptized this upcoming Saturday! It's the Luna Family, Guadalupe, Norma, and Erika Luna are getting baptized! Yesterday we took them to temple square for a lesson and it went really well. We have been focusing a lot on eternal marriage and temples with them lately. We are trying to help them understand that the goal is not just baptism, but it's the temple. We want our converts to taste the satisfaction that comes through receiving all of the saving ordinances, not just baptism and confirmation. It's been great teaching them!
  Also put the link to this Mormon Message. I just love the power in his voice during this video. Obedience to the Lord's commandments is vital for our salvation.
     Can you also put this on my blog?
     This was a talk given by Elder Perry at General Conference, and it's one of my favorite ones relating to missionaries. It has helped me out a lot during my mission, and I feel like it's a good tribute for L. Tom Perry. He was a great prophet, seer, and revelator for this world.
     Cavs in 6, I'm sticking with that prediction. It sounds like Cleveland should've won game 1 and they just won game 2 so I think as long as LeBron continues to put up historic numbers, the Cavs will win it all.
         Elder Strate

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