Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Witnessing a miracle

Hello everyone!
     This week was great, Elder Jimenez and I have been focusing on working through members to find more investigators. It has been going well and we have some new names to work with now, which is great! 

     Pioneer Day was fun! President said we had to be in our apartments by 6pm so no one would do stupid stuff or get hurt or anything, but before that we got to see a little bit of it! We missed the parade because it happens in downtown and we are in Rose Park so we missed the parade but in the afternoon we went downtown for a bit with a member to talk to people. We sent a bunch of referrals for missionaries all over Utah that day. We did that because honestly the streets and houses in our area were simply empty. Everyone was downtown or with family celebrating so we literally had nothing to do, so we just went contacting where everyone was! We also got lots of food and drinks from some Tongans which was nice!
     We saw some of the fireworks too, we had a pretty good view from our house so that was sweet!
     We also were cleaning out a lady's garage the other day and she let us have some of her extra Christmas lights. What we did with them you can see in our Jesus picture attached below. That shrine hangs gloriously in our house now hahaha. 

          Our week was kind of tough because people were partying pretty much all weekend. We had 10 set lessons for Saturday and all of them cancelled except for 1. It was tough, but that's part of the Lord's work! We have a bunch of set lessons this week so we'll see how that goes!
     Have a great week! I want you to read this article on LDS.org it's really good. I really love the message it shares about Jesus Christ. I testify that the doctrine within is true, without Christ we are simply nothing. We have no hope and no future without him. https://www.lds.org/liahona/2015/01/youth/why-is-jesus-christ-important-in-my-life?cid=HP_TH_7-23-2015_dPTH_fLHNA_xLIDyL1-A_&lang=eng

     I also have a miracle to share with you!
     Juan Carlos is on date for baptism on August 8th. He told us he had a dream where two men appeared and one of them was Jesus Christ, he wasn't sure who the other one was. Jesus Christ then told Juan that he needed to be baptized in the church that was established through this man (the other man in the dream). Juan then started describing what the man looked like and how he knew without a doubt that this man was a prophet of God. We then showed him a picture of Joseph Smith and Juan then told us that Joseph Smith was the man in his dream. We then invited him to be baptized and he said yes! It was amazing. I know the Lord answers prayers in marvelous and miraculous ways! I know Juan had a true desire to find the truth and he did. I'm also grateful because I've been praying for Juan to receive an answer to his prayers ever since I met him, so the Lord has answered multiple prayers with this miracle. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK SO MUCH!!!!!

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