Monday, 13 July 2015

On his own

Hey everyone!
     Well this is going to be a weird letter, just a heads up. This week Elder Strother and I worked really hard, like extra hard. We did this so Elder Strother could finish his mission strong. We definitely finished strong for him, although we didn't get a baptism this last week, we found some more awesome people to work with and some of the less actives and recent converts have been progressing which is great! We are trying to help everyone get to the temple, so working with these recent converts and less actives has been great! We'll get them there soon enough.
     Elder Strother was an awesome missionary. I was so blessed to serve with an experienced, obedient, and diligent missionary. He was such a great example to me, especially as a zone leader. He also helped me with my Spanish which always helps. As I am writing this he is on a plane back to Bentonville, Arkansas. He was great and I will miss him.
     Well transfers are tomorrow, we get an email on the Monday before transfers (today) which has the transfer board in it. We look at it, see what we are doing and where we are going, and then we do it on Tuesday. That's usually how it works here. We also get to see where other missionaries go in the mission, so it's pretty cool how it works. Well, I looked at the transfer board and I'm staying in Rose Park as a Zone Leader, which is awesome! 
     But here's the weird part, I don't have a companion. I have no idea what's going on, I'm going to call the Assistants after we're done emailing so I can figure out who my companion is going to be. Everyone has been calling me this morning and asking me if I know, but I don't! It's been kinda crazy ever since I saw the transfer board. I am utterly confused and waiting to find out what's going on with me. Everyone is like, Elder Strate! You're going solo man, you'll be the first solo missionary in the history of the church! Haha I'm like, no that's not possible, there must just be a mistake or something. Well once I found out who my new companion is I'll let all of you know. I'm sure whoever it is will be awesome and we'll have a great time together. Living with 2 other comps, I'm still around other missionaries, don't worry.
     Have a great week, and go Cardinals!
          Elder Strate

1st Picture is of Elder Strother's ankle, he sprained it in his last mission b-ball game ever. Haha he sprained it pretty bad, his sprained ankle looks like a normal foot now lol.
2nd Picture is Elder Montatip! He's from Thailand and he is so funny! He lives in the same house as me.

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