Monday, 22 September 2014

Letter #6 - last from Calgary

Hey guys,
     So my time in Calgary is pretty much over, I report to the Provo MTC in 2 days! Count it 2 days! I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. My companions, Elder Smith and Elder Cervantes, are doing very well. They are awesome to serve with and I'm definitely going to miss them! I got the package mom and I appreciate the fact that you remember that I love chocolate! :) haha it will be a tasty treat!
     We had my first baptism on Saturday, the 20th. It was an awesome experience. I lead the music, was a witness, and said the closing prayer at the baptism. Our investigator that got baptized is named Michael Lorenzo, he's a Phillipino guy. He has 3 little kids and his wife has been less active since she was 16. This experience was a great opportunity for their whole family and I hope they will continue to go to church and progress in the gospel. Now I can brag at the MTC that I have 1 more baptism than everyone else ;) haha. But the language has been good, Elder Cervantes is fluent in Spanish because in Costa Rica that's all they speak, so he's been helping me with the language. I'll have a bit of a head start from that aspect at the MTC too.
This is Elder Cervantes, he's from Costa Rica and he sold everything he had so he could come on a mission.
      I've seen Elder Quinton a lot because he's in Chestermere ward, so that's been cool. Lots of the Elders here are going to school in Utah and they said they're gonna try and come see me! That would be an awesome experience.
     Tomorrow we're having a missionary conference with all the Elders and Sisters in Calgary and a general authority is coming! His name is Allan F. Packer and we're super excited to see him tomorrow.
     I love you guys and I'm so happy to hear that the Seahawks snuck it out against the Broncos, make sure Darin Christensen and Mike Dick know that haha. It was nice news to hear. Nice to hear the Cardinals are doing good too. If you want I can email the Blue Jays and tell them that Grandma French should be their manager. She would do an awesome job.
     Thanks again for everything, and the MTC will surely be a gracious experience!
With love,
Elder Strate (The Taller one)
This is us 3 again but the missionary on the far right is named Elder Butler, he's from Utah and he's a Mandarin Missionary! He likes baseball!


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