Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Letter #3 pictures

Derek’s food challenges

            Derek has had a variety of food so far in Calgary. Speaking of food, I've had plenty of interesting foods on my mission so far. I've eaten Balut, which is basically a boiled duck embryo which is still in the egg, it's a delicacy in the Philippines. It honestly didn't taste that bad, the actual duck inside tasted a lot better than it looked!

            Yeah it wasn't as bad as it looked trust me haha, but I just closed my eyes and popped the whole thing it. The guy who fed us that is named Bro. Hernandez, he's a super sweet guy and has an awesome family. He gave it to us for the reason that we could tell people that we ate it haha, but yeah it was crazy!

       Bill Heaven and his family are taking us out to dinner tonight and we're going to a Chinese buffet!

            I've also eaten some squid (tasted good but too squishy), and we ate some senior citizen Chinese food which tasted extremely weird. What I mean by senior citizen Chinese food is that it was plenty of steamed vegetables, rice, and fish just covered in this weird sauce, and since the people we ate with were old, Elder Smith and I decided to call it Senior Citizen Chinese food. I've also had lumpa which is a Pilipino spring roll and those are delicious! They've probably been my favorite new food I've had so far.

     Mom and dad - I have also been doing an hour each morning of studying Spanish  with the Spanish Elders who live in our apartment complex. It has been great. This will help me big time before I get to the MTC.

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