Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Letter #4

        Hello everyone,                                                                                Sept 9, 2014
          So to start off I heard that the Seahawks destroyed the Packers 36-16 so that's my weekly gift to my father haha. I'm missing football season so far but it's still awesome being a missionary!
Calgary is still treating me well, I'm enjoying myself and working hard every chance I get. Transfers are on Wednesday and I just found out one of the Spanish Elders, Elder Pachecho is getting transferred! NOOOO! haha it's ok, he's just upset because he said he's going to miss us so much! I'm staying in the East stake, big surprise there! Haha Bill and Amy Heaven took my companion and I out to dinner last week and that was awesome! We went to a Chinese food buffet and their family has good taste. I can't believe how tall Sam is, he's like 6'0 already and he looks like 4 years older than Max!
         It's already snowing here, which is bitter sweet. The bitter part is that it's snow... haha but the sweet part is listening to all the American kids complaining about the snow. It's actually hilarious. Elder Pachecho freaks out about it all the time because he's from LA and he hates the cold and the snow way more than anyone else I've ever met in my life.
          The language training is going well, but it's tough. The MTC will be way harder than this obviously, but at least I'll have a head start when I get there!
          I'd like to send a personal shout out to Bro. and Sister Henderson from our ward, they sent me a magnificent card and I'm very grateful for their family and the role they've played in my life, yes I have been playing the piano.
          Grandma French told me that Miranda challenged her to do the ice bucket challenge, which means Miranda has already done it! I want to see the video Miranda, I need proof! Haha and I also want to see the video when Grandma does it, if she even ends up doing it... haha
        We've been working out every morning and I can jump higher than I used to be able to by a bit already, we've been getting up early every morning and working out at the stake center, cardio stuff mainly. It's been good.
         On Saturday night I crashed my bike, yes I will send pictures. I was trying to jump a high curb but the curb beat my front bike tire in that battle. I didn't get hurt don't worry, a few grass stains but nothing bad enough that stain remover can't fix. I did a front flip over the front of the tire, Elder Smith was infront of me so he never saw it, but he heard the thump.

         So all in all, it's been a great last week. Transfers are tomorrow and we'll also be receiving a new Elder to serve with Elder Smith and I. Starting tomorrow we'll be in a 3 leg until I leave, it's going to be so sweet.
          Oh yeah this is kind of cool, we met a Native guy named AJ Many Grey Horses and he grew up on the Blood Reserve. He is paralyzed and he's a less active member of the church. To make money he has friends that bring him ammonite fossils, and he polishes and makes jewelry out of them. We've been helping him with the sanding, buffing, etc., with this ammonite. It's been really cool so far, here's a pic of one of the ammonite fossils as a finished product. This fossil will immediately made into some very nice jewelry.

Lots of love, thanks for all the support.
Elder Strate
 Me with the Zone leaders

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