Monday, 1 February 2016

Wing Eating Challenge

      Hey everyone!
     We had a great week! We had some awesome lessons this week, it was one of my favorite weeks in this area so far. We taught some very powerful lessons and I felt my own personal conversion grow immensely throughout the week.
      I had the opportunity to go on some Spanish exchanges this week, so it has been good to brush up on my Spanish again lol. We have one tomorrow so hopefully I'll still be able to speak well. We have a good amount of Spanish speakers in our YSA wards so that always helps, but proselyting in Spanish is the best! I'm pumped, it's going to be a sweet experience.
       I've been reading a lot this week about receiving revelation, and helping others learn how to attain it. Modern day PERSONAL revelation is one of the greatest blessings that came as a result of the restoration. The restoration of priesthood keys has brought back the ability for modern Prophets and Apostles to receive revelation for the entire world, which has also brought us the ability to receive our own personal revelation. One of the ways we can recognize if our revelation is correct or if our thoughts and feelings are from God, can be based off of how we feel as we pray (Galations 5:22-23). It can also relate to the fact that all good things come from God, so if something you're doing is consistently good then I think you're on the right track. 
       The reason revelation is so necessary for our salvation is because the gospel is something that is meant to be spiritually understood, not intellectually or temporarily understood (Alma 36:4). Trying to figure everything out logically in the gospel is foolish, because then the concept of faith would be in vain and we need to remember that we are still mortal. God does things that sometimes will make no sense to us, but since he is omnipotent and omniscient we have faith that whatever he commands and desires for us is for our benefit because he loves us and knows each and every one of us personally. 
       Those are some simple concepts I deepened my understanding of throughout the week, it was great! 
      Sorry I didnt the email off until tonight. We had meetings with President regarding transfers, transfer board, preparing for transfers, helping the Senior Missionaries in the office with upcoming housing and car issues, just stuff like that. Then we had a few lessons, went to a family home evening activity with one of our YSA wards and came here to the office! So yeah we had a crazy day, I'm so busy Dad with this assignment. I love it and it's great to be around President so much
      This past week I also did the Buffalo Wild Wings Hot and Spicy wing challenge this week with a member. The member is Alex Nunez, he's super cool and he actually grew up in the same ward as one of my former companions, Elder Firpo! There are pictures attached of our attempt, it was a difficult challenge to say the least haha but it was a blast!
       The challenge was 12 in 6 minutes, it was their hottest sauce and we had to do it without napkins, water, or ranch haha. It had habeneros, jalepenos, and ghost peppers hahaha - those are some hot peppers! It made me cry yes, but it was pretty hard.
      I got pretty close, I did 10 but it was a ton of chicken, and ever since I got to this area my stomach has shrunk a ton hahaha - because we don't eat dinner with members everyday.
      I hope you all had a great week! I had one that's for sure, and I know that as you place God first in your lives then he will bless you and mold you into something greater than you will ever become alone.
        Elder Strate

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