Monday, 25 January 2016

Missionary Broadcast

      Hey everyone!
      We had a great week! We found around 15 new less active members to teach this week, it's been awesome! It's one of those moments that's very bitter sweet because it's hard to see someone that has made covenants with the Lord fall away, but it's nice that they are willing to return. I'm excited for what the week has in store!
      Luna's baptism will be on February 6th as of right now, he has been struggling with church attendance but other than that he's doing great! 
      We had a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast on Wednesday, it was very inspiring. As missionaries we teach REPENTANCE and baptize CONVERTS. That was one of the principles that was expressed many times during the broadcast. Another cool thing was that I got to watch it live here in Salt Lake City! Our whole mission was invited to go and I was on the camera! Hahaha there is one part where it showed my hand writing notes (Yes Mom I actually take notes sometimes) and another part where I'm sitting there with my companion! I'll send a picture of it because some missionaries re-watched the broadcast and sent me a screenshot of us sitting there, it was pretty cool! 
        Another thing that was very interesting is that most of the things we have been focusing on as a mission and in recent zone conferences were discussed during the broadcast. I'm so grateful to have a mission President that is inspired and follows the spirit, I know he has been guiding us in a way that is in line with what the Apostles want.
I'm very excited for this week! Sorry I don't have a bunch to report this week, but hopefully I will next week!
            Elder Strate

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