Monday, 18 January 2016


Hi everyone,                                          January 18, 2016

      We had a great week! We had a lot of less active members that we were previously working with show up to church on Sunday. It was awesome to see them again, and this week we'll be visiting all of them!
      I heard about the Seahawks losing, sounds like the 2nd half of it was a good game. Oh well, it's about time someone new won the NFC ;) hahaha I would rather be home to see them win again anyways.
      I was reading this morning about the new temple down in Provo. The story behind that building is pretty interesting, I would encourage all of you to check it out! Sister Spendlove, our mission president's wife, took some classes at that building while she was attending BYU.
      We found some new investigators this week, along with some new less actives. We've been jumping around different apartment complexes visiting members and new move-ins because it's a new year and a new semester for school, so there are a ton of new members in some of our wards. It's been a great opportunity to get to know the members better and it has provided excellent finding opportunities for us. Its been going great so far!
      The Luna Family, who got baptized in the Summer, have a son named Alan. I started teaching him while I was in Rose Park and he's getting baptized on Saturday! He's been taught by some Sister missionaries in our YSA Stake, because he lives in their YSA area and he called me last night to ask me to baptize him! YES!!! It's going to be awesome, I'm so excited to go to his baptism on Saturday! I'll make sure to send pictures!
      I had some amazing studies this week. I studied this talk by Elder Oaks;
make sure to check it out!

               Elder Derek Strate

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