Monday, 29 February 2016

Busiest week in this area

     Sorry I don't have a lot of time to write this week, but I'm doing good! 
     We had a lot of lessons this week, probably the most I've had in this area. I also went on 2 exchanges this week which was a good experience. We also have a girl named Elaine on date for March 18th, yep she's on date for my birthday! Hahaha we invited her to be baptized on March 19th but she said that she is going to be busy that day, so we moved it to the 18th. She is attending Westminster College and has a very strong relationship with God. Her only struggle right now is working on Sunday, but she said that won't be a big issue. She said changing her hours shouldn't be a problem. We are very excited for her!   
      We have had a lot of less active members returning to church which has been great! We are here to build up the kingdom of God. Whether it is less actives returning or non members getting baptized we are still doing good work. I love it here!
       D&C 109:22, one of my favorite scriptures. This section is the dedicating prayer for the Kirtland temple, done by Joseph Smith. This scripture refers to us leaving His house with power. As we live up to the covenants we make when we enter the temple, we will have angels round about us. I have felt their presence during my mission, and I
know that as I am worthy for that blessing, God cannot withhold that from me. He has promised that to us as members of the church, it is up to us to be worthy of those blessings.
        Have a great week!
             Elder Strate

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