Monday, 4 May 2015

Loving Life

Hi everyone!
     I don't have a ton of time, we have a busy P. Day scheduled ahead of us so I'll write quick! We had a good week, it was tough but I still enjoyed it. Lot's of our investigators dropped appointments and we had struggles getting members to come out with us, but it was still a good week. I've been asked to speak in sacrament meeting this Sunday so hopefully I'll be able to help the members see that I'm not such a scary guy haha. We'll see what happens though. 
     We are having meetings about I-Pads this Tuesday! I'm so excited it's going to be sweet.
     I'm picking this for the next round of the NBA playoffs. Grizzlies over Warriors in 6. Clippers over Rockets in 6. Cavs over Bulls in 7. And Wizards over Hawks in 6. I know a bit of crazy predictions, but I feel like the Clippers are a powerhouse right now, Griffin and Paul are going to destroy the Harden and Howard duo. It's going to be cool to see what happens! Losing Love definitely hurts the Cavs, but LeBron's been carrying teams his whole career so this is nothing new for him.
     I can't wait to skype on Mother's day, it's going to be awesome! I hope we all realize what a blessing Mother's are in our lives. When God created the World, he gave Adam a wife Eve, who was there to help him and support him. We need to sustain the Mother's in our lives just as much as we sustain the Father's in our lives.
     Dad, to answer your questions - We are the zone leaders over the Rose Park Zone, which has English and Spanish missionaries. We don't have any just english or just spanish zones, every zone has English and Spanish areas due to the needs of the local stake Presidents. Some Zones have Tongan and Samoan areas too, but our zone has 2 districts and each district has like 10ish people. Our zone is pretty small compared to normal because lately our mission has been losing more missionaries than we have been gaining, so areas have been combining and some have been closing down. Hopefully the Summer rush will kick in and we'll get a bunch of new missionaries this summer, otherwise it will be interesting to see what happens. It's awesome, love it so far.
     Elder Strate

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