Monday, 30 May 2016

Tony Burger is the place to be!

    Our week was really good! Unfortunately some of our new investigators cancelled some of our lessons last week, but we have rescheduled them for this week and hopefully they will turn out well! We taught a lot of less active members this week. We are taking a recent convert to the temple this week to do baptisms for the dead! We are super excited for that. It's so amazing to watch people go through the conversion process as a new convert. The adversary tries so hard to tear them down but it's amazing how they can survive his strength through the strength of the Lord. When they rely on the covenants they made when they were baptized they receive a lot of strength from the Lord. It’s inspiring for me!
    Elder Valladares and I are doing well. The area is great. I love the members here and it's cool to get to know the new people as well. We did visits on Friday night with the branch. We invite all of the members to meet at the church every Friday night at 6:30, we split into companionships, and then we go visiting until 8:00. After we are done visiting, we go and eat food at the church or at someone's house.
    It's been extremely effective for the branch because it has been having consistent success as a result. I know that as members of the church are involved in the work of salvation that the work remains constantly effective. It also lights a fire in the members' hearts to go out and do their regular home/visiting teaching. It's been really effective!
    We took Juan out to a place called Tony Burger on Thursday night. We get half off there as missionaries so we bought him a milkshake. It was chill to sit and talk with him a bit! The milkshakes were really good as well!

    I read King Benjamin's address in the Book of Mormon the other day. Mosiah 2-5 is one of my favorite sections of scripture. It's so clear and easy to understand, but every time I read it I notice something new! I want to invite all of you to take a look at that chapter once you get a chance!
    Have a great week! I know that Christ lives! I love Him and I know Him personally. I have felt His presence constantly and know that he is real. He isn't someone that we simply tell our friends and kids about so they can feel good, his is someone that we testify of because we are grateful for how he has changed us. I know that God sent Him just for us. Christ did everything for us! We would be wise to follow His example. Please look for opportunities to help others.

        Elder Derek Strate

                                                Elder Valladares and I

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