Monday, 4 April 2016

Loved Conference

       Elder Lemmon and I are doing amazing. He's like my little brother, I love him so much. He's super diligent and obedient. He's also very humble and willing to learn and grow. I loved how during conference Stephen W. Owen talked about how the best leaders are also the best followers. That inspired me, I know that Christ was perfect at both. He perfectly followed and submitted to his Father's will. He also was a perfect leader because he led people to His gospel by teaching them His ways. Elder Lemmon is a great example of that to me. He's helping me realize that I need to try to be more humble and more willing to learn. I have been out for a long time now and have lots of experience, but I still need to stay humble and willing to learn.
     Progression is an eternal principle. We cannot reach perfection in this life so there is always room for improvement. One of my goals is to not become complacent with where I am in my progression and conversion. I love the Lord and I know that he will help me with this goal.
     Our new area is amazing! We are covering part of the Arbor Branch which is in the Liberty stake, part of the Lucero Ward which is in the central stake, and also the Mount Ensign 3rd Ward which is part of the Salt Lake stake. These are all Spanish units. Throughout my entire mission I have always covered 1 Spanish Ward or branch when I was in the Spanish program. Now I am covering 3 (well, kind of) so it's going to be a test, but I have a great companion and we have met some of the
leaders in our wards and they all seem great so far.

     We took a less active and her non-member boyfriend to conference yesterday and he said that he wants to be baptized now! All we have to do is help them get married and then he will be ready to be baptized! We are meeting with them on Tuesday to discuss this with them! Our new area is already been fruitful and Elder Lemmon and I both think that there is a lot potential here! We love it!    
       I loved conference so much. This was one of the best overall general conferences I can remember in my life. Everyone's talks were on the ball and very straight forward. I loved every second of it. President Monson spoke for very shot amounts of time but his talks were still very sweet and powerful.
      Elder Oaks talk from the Sunday afternoon session was incredible. I thought it was inspiring how he taught us that temptation enables us to become agents. When we are tempted or face opposition, the divine gift of agency that we all have been given comes into play. Christ suffered so we could have agency essentially, and when we face opposition and exercise our agency, we progress. Progression is the purpose of life, and we could not progress if we didn't have trials, challenges, opposition, and agency. Agency is one of the central doctrines to the plan of salvation. I want to invite you to read his talk. It was very powerful and reminded me that opposition comes because the Lord loves us and wants us to become like him.
       Have a great week! The weather down here is starting to heat up a bit but that's good because I need to get a tan before I come home ;)  haha.
           Elder Strate

        Ana Gonzales and her sister decided to do my hair! Haha Ana is a 9 year old investigator that will be baptized soon!

       Conference pics - Nicole went to lunch with us on Saturday. We ran into Elder Barfuss, it was great to see him. Dave Forbes (dad's friend) came down from Medicine Hat for conference and bought us pizza for supper before the Priesthood Session.

                       This is the perfect meme

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