Monday, 11 April 2016

Loving his new area

     I found this cool link on It has one of my favorite quotes from conference: It's just a simple little thing that we can share with our friends and family. I want to invite all of you to share this or to share something that you learned at conference with a friend. At the least, it will help make someone's day a little brighter. I know the words of the prophet and apostles are from God. The most important teachings we can apply into our lives are the revelations we receive today personally and through the Lord's chosen servants. I loved conference and I have been re-reading/watching some of the talks. It's been great for me and I have learned so much.
     We had an amazing week! We taught a lot of lessons to less-active members and we also have one of our investigators in date to be baptized! His name is Julio Garcia and he is from Puerto Rico. He is going to get married to his girlfriend in May and then get baptized early June. There are a few legal things that we have to work out so that's why the dates are a little ways away, but he and his girlfriend are both solid. They both came to church yesterday and they love the gospel. His girlfriend is going to have a baby soon and they are both really excited to raise him in the environment that the gospel brings. It's been such a blessing to meet them and they are progressing well at the moment. They read their scriptures and pray together daily. They attend church. They are simply awesome! :)   
     We learn in Alma 37:6; "that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass". I've seen this promise to be true with the people that I have worked with throughout my mission. The people that truly want to come unto Christ will read their scriptures, pray, and attend church. We call this CPR (church, pray, read) haha because it saves lives. I know that as we do the small and simple things that the Lord will bring greats things (such as miracles) into our lives. I love this work so much! 
         Elder Lemmon and I are getting along great. He is from Vancouver, Washington. We have been working really hard and the Lord continues to bless us with more to do each day. Our area is starting to really pick up and I'm so grateful to God for helping us in this work. Without him our work would obviously be in vain. As we receive revelation for the people we teach, the work becomes so much easier because the Lord's will is involved. The prophet Joseph Smith taught, "Salvation cannot come without revelation. It is vain for anyone to minister without it."
      We are performing the work of salvation, so for us to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man we need to be receiving revelation. We are called to minister unto God's children and revelation helps us accomplish this task.
      My trainer from the Calgary Canada mission, Hudson Smith (formerly known as Elder Smith ;) hahaha) came and took us out to lunch on Saturday! 
      It was so weird but so cool at the same time to see him. He taught me so much on my mission and I know without his help and support at the start, there is no way I would be the missionary and disciple of Christ I am today. It was super cool to see him, and he's going to BYU so I will see him after my mission too! :)
      This week should be great! Thanks for all of the support, it is greatly appreciated!
            Elder Strate 

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