Monday, 25 August 2014

Letter #2

Hey family,                                                                       Aug 25, 2014

       I want your goal to be this; be in good enough shape to beat me at basketball when I get back! Good luck! I have been praying often for our investigators and our less active members I can definitely tell it's making a difference! We had 5 investigators at church today which is an all time record for our stake according to Elder Smith. He thinks I'm a good luck charm because ever since I got here, we've had dinner appointments every night and the work has been hastening a ton! We have 1 of our investigators on date to be baptized on September 20th, his name is Harry and he's from Nigeria. He's a super nice guy and you can tell the Spirit has touched his life. 
       I've seen plenty of people that you and I know, Uncle Dwight, the Heavens, President Dudley, and lots of others. It's been very cool to make connections with people up here that know people around Southern Alberta, they've all implied I'm a good basketball player because I'm from there which is a correct assumption! 
       It sounds like you're having way too much fun without me! You guys always have the fun activities planned when I'm not around, what's up with that!? Just kidding, but I've been having lots of fun too! We ended up playing soccer and ultimate Frisbee instead last P Day but we are for sure playing ball today. On Friday morning Elder Smith and I woke up earlier than normal and went to the Stake Center and shot around for a few hours, it felt good. '
       The biking and walking life has kind of sucked, just because both pedals on my bike broke which makes the bike riding a lot harder, but thankfully Brother Crapo has offered to fix it. The members here are so nice and have treated us like gold. I'm so grateful for all of them.
       This message is for the girls: Just remember to say your daily prayers and read your scriptures, I didn't do that enough growing up and I regret it so much! It helps us have the spirit with us all day and helps develop our testimonies. Keep having fun and go hard at school. 
       Mom: I'm well and alive, just enjoying myself and recognizing all the wonderful blessings in my life! We've been yelled at and cussed at but that's ok, Jesus was mocked too but that doesn't mean his teachings were false. The Savior lives and loves all of us. Keep and eye on dad, he needs you more than you or I realize. May God bless you and dwell in your heart.
       Dad: I've been keeping your health in my prayers, I know it works. It isn't a doubt to me at all, I know the last few years have been Hell from a physical and emotional standpoint, so one thing I'd like to tell you is this; Jesus Christ understands what you're going through and he can relate to the pain. Pray and ask for his help specifically, and you will receive it. I wish I would've read my scriptures and prayed more often, I know you guys do but continue to do that. Look at the positives in life, like there's always someone fatter than you so don't worry about that ;) haha.
       My companion is also a huge Seahawks fan, I mean he is from Washington so it makes sense! He's just bummed that he missed to Super Bowl, but don't worry I filled him in.
       Continue to love the Lord and put him first, family is a huge asset in his plan so don't destroy that asset! I love you guys and I am always thinking of you.
                                                                                           Elder Derek Strate

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