Monday, 18 August 2014

Letter #1

Hello family,
My first day was a great day, Elder Smith put me directly to work; we went and laid sod for a member like 15 minutes after I got the apartment! Haha it was good though, Calgary lots are a lot smaller than Magrath lots so it was a breeze!
That night we had a dinner appointment with a family called the Eastons. The husband is not a member but the wife is and she said missionaries have been working on him for years! He knows so much about the gospel and doctrines of the church, like he honestly is one of the smartest guys I've met in terms of knowing doctrines of our church. Like for example, did you know there are 3 polygamists in the quorum of the 12? It's a bit of a trick question, he asked me this to test my knowledge of doctrine. I got it pretty quick, faster than most missionaries he said. The reason that statement is true is because there are 3 members of the quorum of the 12 that have deceased spouses and have married another spouse after their former spouse passed away. Since we're married for time and all eternity, that means they have 2 wives! I was shocked at first, but it is true. But with the knowledge he has, he will not join the gospel. I know not why, but I'm gonna find out and work on him! ;) he also reads lots of books about the church and history of prophets, and I thought one book that would be cool to suggest to him is the one about Joseph Smith's body guard, I don't remember what it's called so I need dad to let me know! 
Elder Smith is an awesome guy, he's from Stela, Washington and he said he used to play lots of soccer before he graduated! He said Stela is about the size of Taber but with a lot less members! He had a total of 5 other LDS people in his graduating class, which to me is just crazy. He went to BYU for a year before he left on his mission. He said his father grew up in Fort Macleod so he is actually quite familiar with Southern Alberta.  
Sunday was good, I met a few people that know/used to live in Magrath (Or Raymond, Cardston, etc.) I met a guy named Clyde Dudley and he said he grew up in Magrath. I met Scott Clifton's cousin and he is the Elders Quorum President for the Sunridge Ward in East Calgary! There were other's too but I sadly don't remember all of their names! I got called up during Sacrament meeting just to introduce myself and bear a quick testimony, and that went well. We had dinner that night with the Crapo family and the father said he served with Bill Heaven in the stake presidency! Sister Crapo was also very good friends with Barb Stanford! It's a small world we live in and they were freaking out when I told them I was related to them! They have a son named Kurtis who is leaving on his mission to Vancouver in approximately 2 weeks. He's the same age as me and he graduated from Lester B. Pierson this year. They were a very nice family and they gave us all of the leftovers! Which is awesome because she is an amazing cook. They also offered to fix our bike because the one bike when we got to the apartment had a flat tire! So we've been walking everywhere which has been a little exhausting. But I'm extremely grateful for them and their desire to serve us.
Last night we actually ran into 2 members of Bishop McNally's basketball team while tracting, I recognized them from provs and I was like I'm going to talk to them. Elder Smith was like, alright man good luck! He looked a little puzzled haha. Their names were Prince and Albert, they were both black and about the same height as me (6'8 I've grown a lot since I left...) but they were actually around 6'3 just like me haha. But they seemed interested in the gospel and I told them the reason little towns like Magrath, Cardston, and Raymond were generally good at basketball was because we're all Mormons and that's all we do! Haha we had a good laugh about that, but we gave them our phone #'s and I have a good feeling about them!
My mission has been awesome so far, today for P Day we're going to do some quick shopping and then we're going to play some basketball! (YAY!!) They all said they aren't very good, but I don't believe them! They said I'm going to show them all up, but I haven't played real ball for a few months so I'm like wow I hope I don't suck! :p haha but it'll be really fun! We've had dinner appointments every day I've been here so Elder Smith believes I'm a good luck charm. 
Thanks to you guys and I love all of you so much, yes even Miranda! Haha but thank you for the support and keep me in your prayers please! I'll be keeping you in mine
Elder Strate

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