Monday, 11 August 2014

Entry date changed

     Well everyone, we've had a hiccup. My origonal date to start my mission was Sept 24. It was moved up to August 13 to allow me to get back to go to university. All good right?
     Well, the church was able to change all my documents and everything was good to go, except the US Govt won't approve the date change on my visa, so now I can't go to the US until Sept 24.
     I will be starting my mission later this week in Calgary, pending Q of the 12 approval, and then will be heading to Provo to the MTC on Sept 24. A different route, but I accept this challenge and know the Lord will guide me. After spending time in the MTC learning Spanish I will then be off to SLC to finish my mission.
     So if you still see me around town for the next few days, don't be alarmed, just waiting for my assignment in Calgary, hoping to be gone by the weekend. Thanks again everyone for coming to see me off yesterday and a special thanks to those that have donated some funds to me to help get things taken care of.

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