Monday, 28 December 2015

New comp coming

     This week was awesome! I had an awesome Christmas and Christmas Eve, the members around here treat us so well. We are so blessed to serve here. On Christmas Eve we had a YSA missionary dinner and that was sweet! We also went caroling afterwards at an old folks home and that was a really nice experience. On Christmas Day we went to our Stake President's house for breakfast, and then we went to some of our Bishops' houses to eat and hang out with them too. It was a marvelous couple of days.
      Elder Gowdy is getting transferred! He's going to Rose Park. It's been awesome serving with him, he's a great missionary and he will do a good job in his new area. 

My new companion is Elder Haight, he's from Boston. He's a Celtics and Red Sox fan so he will need to repent a bit, but that's ok who doesn't right? 
      We had a baptism! Nicky Rodriguez

     I loved skyping on Christmas Day, it was so nice to hear your voices and to share my experiences with you. I love the spirit I felt with you, it was inspiring for me. I'm so grateful for all of your support, sorry for the short letter we are really busy with transfers but thanks for everything!
     Have a great week!
          Elder Strate

     This is Justin, he's someone that we are teaching and he is super cool. We had an FHE activity with the Ward the other night and we had to make things out of gingerbread! We made an airplane.

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