Monday, 30 November 2015

Temple Sqaure looks great

     This week was ok! It was pretty slow, especially in YSA. Thanksgiving and Black Friday completely destroyed our weekend hahaha. Everyone was either out of town or busy with family stuff, we tried our best but sometimes that's just how the works goes. Hopefully this week will pick up because of the new Christmas video! I hope you all had the chance to see the new Christmas video, it's very powerful. One thing I want to point out is how all the people in the video are children, hmm interesting.... Haha. I know that Jesus Christ lives! This is his restored church and I know that if we follow his example and live his gospel then we will be saved.
     The Christmas lights are up at temple square! I have some pictures of it, it looks really pretty. 

       It's starting to get colder here too, it was like -10 the last few days with a little bit of snow. My companion is freezing his butt off and I'm over here sun tanning lol. Being from Canada is a blessing!
      I found something interesting in my studies is week, I was reading the pamphlets we give out as missionaries. I was reading the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet about repentance. I want you all to read this part; "Obeying God’s commandment brings the power of the gospel into your life. The gospel will give you strength to abandon your sins. Keeping the commandments includes giving service, forgiving others, and attending Church meetings." Obeying the commandments is part of repentance, but one thing I wanted to highlight is what I put as bold in that statement. I was thinking about how forgiving others and ourselves is part of repentance, then I received some interesting revelation. It says that keeping the commandments includes forgiveness, which therefore means forgiveness is a commandment. Christ commanded us to forgive in 3 Nephi 13:14-15. It is a commandment for us to forgive others and to forgive ourselves, and I know that as we forgive we can feel burdens lifted off of our shoulders.
      December transfers are the 29th I think, no I haven't gotten the package yet but what's going on is that we will all receive our Christmas packages at our Christmas Zone conferences which are on
December 17th and 18th, so I will get it then. I'm pretty sure I'm staying here in YSA so I'm excited about that. 
     Sorry I know I don't have a lot this week, but hopefully next week I will have more!
     Love you all and go Seahawks!
                -Elder Strate

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