Monday, 2 November 2015

Q of 70 member comes

     That's crazy! I don't remember the last time Magrath needed a new Ward, that just shows how awesome the work must be going there with reactivation and baptizing, good for the stake that's great! I hope Grandma and Grandpa will do well in the new ward.
      This week was fun! We found some new investigators and less actives to teach this week so that was really nice! We have been focusing on finding a lot this transfer and so far that has been going well. One of my old investigator families is getting baptized this upcoming weekend so I'm super excited to go to that! We currently have 3 investigators on date for baptism in our area as well, so these next few weeks should be great!
      On Halloween we were told to be in our apartments by 6 pm weekly planning, so that's exactly what Elder Gowdy and I did! It's to bad though because when we were at Walmart on Monday some girls from the University of Utah invited us to their institute party for Halloween on Halloween night at the University, but because of that rule we couldn't go! It was to bad, but overall I know that we needed to plan and prepare ourselves for this week. I know that when we are obedient that the Lord blesses us with missionary opportunities, so we will see what happens!
   Halloween was kind of lame, but as missionaries most holidays are lol. We did make little treat bags and take them to all of the people we are teaching, they really apprecited that so it was kind of a neat excuse to see them and just talk about everyday life, it was cool!
     On Friday night we ate dinner with Juan Martinez, one of my recent converts, and his family. It was very nice to see them again, they still live in my area but since we cover YSA I don't get to see them very often, so it was nice to catch up. That man can cook some ribs! It was delicious, and they seem to be doing well. Juan is now the Young Men's secretary for the Branch!
     I was reading Alma 34 the other day in preparation for a lesson with an investigator. He had a question about what our purpose in life is, and Alma 34 answers this question perfectly. It's always a nice reminder to know why we are here, especially when times are tough. I want to invite all of you to read this chapter in your studies this week and to ponder what our purpose in life really is. I also want you all to read Moses 1:39 and look for the contrast with our purpose and God's purpose for us. I know God always has a purpose for us because he loves us so much. I know that as we live the commandments and continue to increase our personal conversion daily, we will feel Christ's presence more in our lives.
     Good to hear that Seattle won this week, hopefully they will start to get on a roll this year. The NBA has started and this is my official prediction to start the year; Cavaliers beat the Thunder in the
Finals. The Warriors are overrated, the Clippers don't have anyone that can guard Kevin Durant so they lose the West Finals because of that. Contenders in the West are the; Thunder, Clippers, Spurs, and Warriors. The Rockets, Trailblazers, Suns, Mavericks, and Grizzlies will all be decent. Dark horse teams are the Timberwolves and Kings.
     Contenders in the East are the; Cavaliers, Raptors, Wizards, and Heat. The Bulls, Pistons, and Hawks will all be decent. Dark horse teams will be the Hornets and Pacers. LeBron wins MVP and DeAndre Jordan wins defensive player.
     It is starting to get colder here and you all know the Canadian culture.... Right after Halloween it's Christmas time! Here in the states they still have thanksgiving this month, so after that these Americans start to get into Christmas mode. I'm influencing my companion to start enjoying Christmas now because back home that's what we did, and so we started listening to Christmas music in the car yesterday! It is great! Haha
     We also had a member of the 70 come to one of our sacrament meetings yesterday! Elder Durram and his wife (who is in the general relief society presidency) joined us for church yesterday. That was really cool, we met them afterwards and they were very kind and loving people.
     I hope you all have a great week! I know I did and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord! 2 Nephi 32:3 will change your week I promise you. If you apply the teaching found in this scripture you will have a better week.
       Elder Strate

     Oh yeah, we taught a former NBA player this week. The girl on the front left of the picture served her mission in Brazil and that's where he is from. His name is Luis and he is cousins with Nene Hilario that plays for the Washington Wizards. He's also from Brazil. He never played a lot, he was basically a bench warmer in the NBA. He played for the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks. Once he decided to stop playing basketball he decided to pursue business so he worked through Mark Cuban and now runs an extension of one of his businesses in Brazil. Hopefully he will stick around Utah for a bit so we can keep teaching him. He is really receptive and wants to learn.

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