Monday, 19 January 2015


Hey everyone!
     First off I'll get the football stuff out of the way, so I heard Seattle won! I heard a lot about the game from a member, and it sounded like a garbage game. Like super fun to watch but it was crap, like Green Bay should have won. We walked into a members house to drop of some stuff from the church and right when we came in, I saw the last play of the game, when Russell Wilson made that ridiculous throw to Kearse in the end zone, that was an unbelievable play. After that the member showed me the stats on his phone, and I couldn't believe Seattle won with Wilson throwing 4 ints, like that's so lucky for the Seahawks haha. Looks like Lynch had a monster game though, and he was probably the difference in the end in terms ofSeattle having a chance to win. I couldn't believe we held Rodgers to only like 180yrds passing, that's crazy. I remember we talked before I left and I said the only team in the whole NFL I was scared of was the Packers, and now everyone knows why. I knew whoever would win yesterdays game is going to win the Super Bowl in a few weeks. Packers or Seahawks, doesn't matter. The Patriots don't have good matchups against either team, and the Broncos, well we saw the result of that last year :) haha. 
     When I found out about the game it was bitter sweet because I knew you'd probably have a heart attack from the result of the game, and plus it was against the Packers. I honestly like the Packers a lot and Rodgers is one of my favorite players, he better win the NFL MVP this year he deserves it. Sherman or someone better get Defensive player because our offense honestly sucks this year compared to last year, well from what I've heard. The only reason we're going back to the Super Bowl is because of our defense, love our defense. 
     I already told Mom but if Seattle wins, I want you guys to send me a shirt that says, "Repeat Super Bowl Champions" or something like that. I want a green one if they have them but if they don't, can I please have a white one? Haha that would be awesome.
     Girls- Be nice to Dad this week, it sounds like he might be incapable of doing some things after the hard loss the Packers had yesterday at the hands of the Seahawks :) haha have a great week!
     Now back to the real work, Missionary work! This week was very slow for us, probably the slowest on my mission so far. This week we had a ton of our lessons cancel and lots of people dropped us or we dropped them because they were just being annoying. Like we would set up appointments and they wouldn't be there. It's just been wasting our time, so this week we're going to work hard at finding! We'll find some more I'm sure, I can't wait! 
     We have a baptism lined up for this Saturday. A man we found a few weeks ago named Juan Juarez is very excited for his baptism this saturday and he's very prepared, He's going to be a solid member after he's baptized, his testimony is fantastic. We also have a Venezuelan family of 4 that is getting baptized on February 7th so we're very excited for them too! The girl that I skyped with on Christmas, her name was Nicole, also finally found a place! She can move in on Feb 1st so the plan is to baptize her on Valentines day! But we'll get that figured out for sure this week. 
     I started reading a book that Grandma French sent me for Christmas called the Little Book of Inspirational Stories for Missionaries. It's full of poems, stories, excerpts from talks in conference, and lots of scriptures! I read a story that was really interesting, and it really made me reflect on my attitude. 
     The story goes like this; There was an old, wise man sitting beside a gate leading into a big city. One traveler came to the gate and asked the man, "What are the people like in this city?". The wise man replied with an intelligent question, "What type of people are in the city you're from?" The traveler replied, "The people in my city were all selfish, ludicrous, hags with no sense of sensitivity for other people." The wise man answered, "You'll find the same type of people in this city, you might as well just leave." 
     On this remark, the man left looking for another city in which he could live.
     Another traveler came to the gate and asked the old, wise man the same question, "What are the people like in this city?" The wise man replied with the same question, "What type of people are in the city you're from?" The new traveler replied enthusiastically, "I loved the people from whence I used to live, they were smart and loving. They gave all that they had and worshiped God constantly. They were very humble and gave thanks for everything they had. I just left because I got hired for a new job in this city." The wise man responded to this positive remark rapidly, "Then you will find the exact same type of people here, go on in and make yourself at home, welcome!" 
     This story hit me because it's the exact same city, but the new move in (For me like if I get transferred) had a different attitude. The people in the city didn't change, but his attitude did. The wise man truly was very wise to understand this basic principle of life. It's all about our attitude in certain situations. 
     Love you guys lots and thanks for all your constant support, I pray for you daily too.
     Elder Strate

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