Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year

Hey everyone!
     This week was very different than normal, but it was still a great week. On New Years Eve we were told to not proselyte that evening because President was worried about drunk drivers. So our zone went to a members house and watched movies, played games, and ate lots of delicious food from 6-9 that evening. The members were really nice and they told me that they had a son serve in the Calgary mission like 4 years so it was cool to make more connections! We watched Tangled and Monsters University which are both excellent films, and I gladly enjoyed both! I've been working out every morning but it's hard to avoid fatness this time of year because everyone gives you chocolate and candy, but I'm trying my best haha!
     This week was hard for teaching lessons because lots of people were really busy with the end of the holidays so we had lot's of cancellations last week. However, this week is back to normal so we have lots of lessons lined up. We have a baptism this upcoming Saturday for Teresa Hernandez and her son Marlon. Marlon is 8 years old and we are preparing for their baptism daily, it's very exciting! Today I looked back and noticed that so far on my mission I've had these stats so far: 6 People Baptized, and 7 Returning Members (Reactivated Members we count those in this mission). There's always room to improve but I'm so humble and grateful that the Lord has blessed us with people to teach, and the feeling I receive is incredible when someone comes back to church or gets baptized. Our recent converts from last week, The Guadarrama Family, is receiving the Aaronic Priesthood soon. I'm so excited for them! 
     One of the kids in that family, Guillermo (Everyone calls him Memo though) just got a full ride scholarship to Michigan State for football! He's going to be a RB for them next year! I'm so excited and happy for him. He said this year he was the #6 RB in the nation for high school according to college rankings, but he also is planning to serve a mission so we'll see how everything turns out! If you are watching college football next year and see Michigan State, try and find him haha! If you see him, always remember, Derek Strate baptized him! Lol just saying that's pretty cool haha.
     This week for the NFL playoffs I'll pick the Patriots and Colts in the AFC (Sorry Broncos fans) and I'll pick the Packers and Seahawks in the NFC. Ohio State is going to win the National Championship too for college football #UpsetAlert haha
     I'm so happy to be serving here in Utah and I love it here!
            Elder Strate

This picture is my companion Elder Fipro, and he says, "I LOVE CANADA!" Haha I converted him

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