Wednesday, 3 August 2016


     So two years ago we dropped off Dawson at the Calgary airport to fly to the MTC in Provo. His twin brother was to arrive a week later so they never said good bye, it was more like- I'll see you next week. Both were to learn Spanish so we figured they would run into each other in their six weeks at the MTC. Little did we know that Derek would run into visa problems and have to start his mission in Calgary for six weeks, then go to Provo to the MTC to learn Spanish, then go to his mission. Weird start eh? So the twins never actually got to say good-bye to each other as Dawson was gone by the time Derek got to the MTC. It was actually very sad. Well tonight they were reunited. It was so awesome to see them hug at the airport. All the way home they chattered away in Spanish. It was very soothing actually to just listen to them. Our family is all together again 

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