Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Missionaries Leaving

Here are 14 of the 17 missionaries we said goodbye to this transfer. Two others were visa waiters who left -- Elder Kimmins to Australia; Elder Cullum to Argentina -- and the third was Sister Willes on a temporary assignment here and now headed to the Washington DC South mission. We love and miss them all!

Front row, left to right:
Sister Hamblin, Arizona
Sister Payne, Alberta, Canada
Sister Tucker, North Carolina
Sister Nicolasora, Philippines
Elder Houze, Kentucky
Elder Gonzalez, London
Elder Clark, Hawaii
Elder Patton, Oregon

Back row, left to right:
Elder Mildenhall, California
Elder Scott-Banks, North Carolina
[Elder Strate, incoming assistant]
Elder Boyles, Oregon
[Elder Gowdy, assistant]
Elder Unklesbay, Ohio
[Elder Balledos, outgoing assistant]
Elder Davis, California
Elder Crow, Texas (yee haw!)

We love them and will miss them very much! Such a great group of Elders and Sisters. Thank you! We love you!

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