Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Day

This is mom and dad after the Skype call.

     Today we got to visit with Elder Strate, it was wonderful. Besides seeing his face again, we were able to hear his voice and the change in his maturity. His testimony is so wonderful, he has such a stronger understanding of the gospel now and has the wonderful experience of sharing it multiple times a day with others.

     Derek was able to talk to us for an hour and then called back for a few minutes later to visit with Dawson. What a beautiful thing to listen to your sons gab away in another language. Derek, who still teaches some in English in Utah, said Dawson's Spanish is perfect. Derek's companion, who is from Argentina, got on and they had a great conversation. He said Dawson is fluent. He truly has the gift of tongues. Derek's Spanish is pretty good too - he's just not immersed in it as much as Dawson is since people in Utah speak both languages for the most part.
    Here today to visit with him were - Kristine and I, Miranda, Sarah, Bree, Grandpa Rick & Reva, Great Grandma Strate, Grandpa Ed & Faye, Bryce's family- Cindy, Karsen, Cannon and #3 on the way, Rhonda's family- Uncle Scott and Ali.
   After D & D got done with each other, Dawson had to go so he could be back to his apartment before 9 pm. He was at a members home. Derek was at an investigators home, which is cool in its own way for sure. We were able to spend another 1/2 hour with Derek. Wow what a change. He is so focused right now. When he came to this area, no investigators were coming to church, not a lot being taught, no one committed to be baptized. Since he's been there for 2 months they have had at least 5 coming to church each week. They have a family of 4 set up for tomorrow for baptism, two the next week and one the following week. He is so excited. He has also helped to reactivate 5 people in coming back to church. People there have to come to church 3 times before they would allow them to be baptized so its a challenge when lots of people work on Sunday.
   Derek was able to give his sisters loving advice, to be better than he was and to try and feel the spirit more in their lives to they make good decisions as they enter their teenage years. Beautiful to feel and see.
   It was wonderful for them to see the boys too and feel of their love. Today was what we needed and also what they needed. All is well. Carry on, carry on, carry on boys. We love you, miss you, but know you are doing what you're supposed to be at this time in your lives.
      Love mom and dad

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