Monday, 10 November 2014

He's in the field..........Nov 10 letter

Hey guys!
     I'm serving in Bountiful and North Salt Lake right now. Since we're Spanish missionaries we cover a way bigger area than English missionaries, so we cover our whole zone. It's massive haha. We cover 12 stakes, yes I said it 12 stakes! It's crazy! The 12 stakes in Bountiful and North Salt Lake are equivalent to the 1 Spanish ward we cover, it's a little confusing but I'll try and send you a map of the area if I can find one. We have a car for that reason but I've been working out whenever I can so I don't get fat. It'll be hard though because we get Mexican food almost everynight from members. That stuff is super unheatlhy but super tasty haha. 
     My companion is named Elder Berrios, he's from Honduras. His English isn't too great so my Spanish skills are being tested, he's been out for 5 months. He's a super good guy and we both want to work hard. We've been working hard, but our investigators never keep their appointments haha. I'm quickly starting to learn that Hispanic people never keep their commitments or are never home when we come by, it's quickly getting frustrating haha, but it's ok. This week we had 2 investigators come to church and Elder Berrios told me that's the first time an investigator has come to church in that ward for almost 4 months. It's pretty crazy, the work is turning around. We just need to show patience and let the Lord work with them. 
     We have a lot of investigators, it's just hard to help them progress. We're trying really hard, and I know the Lord will reward us for our efforts. I could see us having a ton of baptisms in the next month or two if everything goes well. The English missionaries here baptize way more than we do, because we only teach Spanish people. We'll just keep working hard and continue to exercise our faith in the Lord.
     The members are super cool, considering our ward is full of Mexicans and Peruvians (mainly) there are a lot of people that like basketball. When I told them I played basketball they all were like, come play with us sometime! Haha they really enjoy their b-ball, and most of them are huge Jazz fans. One member told me that the Jazz beat the Cavs a few days ago because Gordan Hayward made a buzzer beater. Dang haha the Cavs need to mesh quicker or the Heat will lead the east. I've also heard the Suns are having a good season so far, which is great news. Dad also telling me that Lynch got 4 TD's against the Giants this week is awesome, I'll make sure to wear my Lynch shirt to P. Day ball today haha.
     Thanks for all the prayers and support you guys give me, I appreciate it so much. Congrats Miranda on your team's volleyball success, continue developing and you'll be a stud in high school. Nice deer too! 
Con amor,
Elder Strate

First pic is a companionship selfie, second is just my companion Elder Berrios
Elder Strate


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